Dog personality test

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My results:

Prey = 45
Pack = 65
Fight = 55
Flight = 10

Your dog is probably not easily motivated by food* or other objects, but is also not easily distracted by moving objects. Your dog responds readily to praise and touch, likes to be with you and will respond with little guidance.

*As you can imagine, I fooled the experts without even trying. Food is the Great Motivator, all dogs know this.



I am not a butter lamb

While I appreciate the sentiment, please keep in mind my sleekly muscled physique next time you're thinking up cute things to call me. Check out these palpable ribs.

Silly humans.



Dog whisperer, again

Remember Cesar Millan? (This guy is not your everyday pet psychic.) He's been in the news a lot lately, and now he even has his own blog.

He has the right philosophy, and I know he means well. But I want to be the boss at my house. Must resist discipline. MUST RESIST.



This is not a blank stare...

I am contemplating the incompleteness of quantum physics.



Pets losing battle of the bulge

LONDON (Reuters) - Just like their owners, a growing number of British pets are becoming obese and face chronic illnesses such as heart complaint, diabetes and arthritis, according to research Friday. A survey of British vets and owners showed that one in three pets, or 33 percent, were considered overweight and 38 percent of pet owners said their animals put on weight over Christmas.
Despite this, few owners plan to put their pets on a diet. "Pets, like their owners, tend to expand a little over the Christmas period," said Frances Wright at Halifax Pet Insurance, who conducted the survey. The survey said signs of obesity included a sagging stomach, bulging sides and a reluctance to take exercise.

There's one word for this situation: irresponsibility. YOU are responsible for what your pet eats and whether your pet gets enough exercise. Dogs want to be healthy but we don't understand calories and fat intake. Food is hard to resist. Don't stuff your pets with table scraps and pizza crusts.

To learn more, download the free Canine Obesity Prevention Pack from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.



Dog meditation

I do this sometimes. No, really. It usually coincides with the event called the Pile. Meditation happens when the male human listens to music. He lies on his back with his eyes closed and his arms folded across his chest. He looks like he's about to levitate any minute, but he calls it "vegetating." Vegetate, meditate, it's all the same. We get into the relaxation zone. Heart rate slows, breathing becomes deep and even. It's something like pretending to sleep.

Other times I meditate alone. The best time is when the human goddess shuts the front door of the bedroom but forgets to shut the back one. I sneak onto the big bed and stretch out on the blankets with my feet up and my eyes closed. After a while I get into a trancelike state. It's relaxing. But if I hear someone at the door, I go from 0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds. Battle cry! Bark!

And then there is ...yoga for dogs.

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