I want to be a scientist!


Not toy.

...other important advice:
Repeat after me
Today's lesson
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Cesar Millan's book

It's coming soon.


I guess he's pretty cool. You gotta respect someone who is strong and confident like that. When my humans watch him on his Dog Whisperer show, I always ignore him and pretend I'm sleeping. My sister stares at the tv like she thinks Cesar Millan is some kind of superhuman. It's creepy. Mom liked the episode about the two dachshunds, Chocolate and Cinnamon. One of the dachshunds is a crazy (but cute) fiend that terrorizes the humans and the other dog and tries to attack people and bite everyone. Cesar tells the people they should not let their dog be the boss of the house. They listen to his advice and he helps them fix the problem.

Is Cesar Millan as good as the lengendary Monks of New Skete?



Dog horoscopes

DogHoroscopes.com has this to say about me:

You have intuitive powers, somewhat picky tastes, and are bold even to the point of being foolhardy. You have perseverance and through it overcome many difficulties. You are fond of outdoors and travel. Your adventurous nature seeks self-expression. Courageous, independent with quick responses, your adventurous streak may spur you to seek out unusual and exciting experiences. You are gentle, affectionate, fond of children and love your home and family. Remember you are meant to be happy!
Pretty darn accurate, except for the part about picky tastes.



Vocabulary list

I should start keeping track of all the intelligent things I say.

Sometimes I say "Humboldt, a robber." This is probably the key to solving a serious crime. I guess I could call 911 and bark that phrase into the phone.

On occasion I will look at a human and say "You're horrible." Just to keep them honest, you know.

Today I said "waffle cone."

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Signs of spring

1. The obvious: bird signs. A robin looking for worms. A pair of mourning doves perched on a branch, kissing. That was weird. More shoebirds than usual. Mom calls them shoebirds... everyone else calls them nuthatches except those crazy ornithologists, who call them Sitta carolinensis.

2. Muddy ground + warm temperature = more to sniff outside.

3. The burrito blanket (see previous post) has been washed, folded and stored away. Sigh. I miss that blanket already.

4. Less boots to "borrow" from the humans, but more summer shoes.

5. Windows open! Amplified noises! BARK!!!

6. The first opossum of the season creeping around under the trees at night. This was disturbing. From the front, it had the face of a barn owl, but from the side you could see its long snout. A shape-shifter? Mom says opossums are even scarier up close. One time she saw one in the bottom of an empty metal garbage can, staring up at her when she lifted the lid. It had a million teeth like an alligator. Mom is a city girl and didn't know anything about opossums. At first she thought it was someone's ferret that had escaped. A possum in the city? Apparently so!



Recipe for dog burrito

Take one fresh dog. Leave him alone with a folded blanket. Check after about ten minutes. If necessary, repeat step one and step two until dog burrows into blanket.